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Amateur operator license


Amateur licence examinations and certification | acma

These rules do not require omb approval. Not have the japanese nationality (article 5 of the radio law). Must include the reason for the cancellation. Earning the general class license requires passing a 35 question examination.

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Becoming an amateur radio operator

Amateur operator license. Which of the following can be used to enter the operating frequency on a modern transceiver? A technician licensee is allowed access to all ham bands with frequencies of 50 mhz or higher. Ham licenses for licenses from other countries. In japan, the radio regulatory administration is a function of the ministry of internal affairs and communications (mic).

Minimum age

In addition, the amended rules allow for the continued shared use of the 76-81 ghz band by other incumbent users, including amateur radio operators and the scientific research community. The commission also adopts an additional operational rule that prohibits the use of automatically controlled digital stations and makes editorial revisions to the relevant portions of the table of frequency allocations (allocation table) and our service rules.

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