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Anal poop stories


Pornstars anal sex poop accidents are gross - vporn blog

I was having sex with this girl in my car in a poorly lit parking lot by a field. I was working one day and out of know where boom had to poop. It was so bad. I’ve made a big deal about how embarrassing it is, and he doesn’t care and loves me anyway. I had met a guy on grindr,” he said. I had to run into his flat, straight to the toilet, and throw my underwear away. He spent some time fighting to have that removed.

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Anal poop stories. (no one likes those kinds of surprises. The whole site is full of funny stories. It stinks but no poo. Fleet [brand enemas] are not great,” dr. Frequently had to decide whether to face the toilet or sit down as the bouts would come at the same time, ended up being awkwardly stretched between the sink and toilet crying. Their classroom door was open. I get up and i run as fast as i can to the toilet.


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I then shat my pants, ate lunch and once i got back to the classroom i went to the bathroom and tried to scrape the poo out of my underwear, while i was in there my teacher came in and helped me, then called my parents and he had to explain that i needed to bring extra underwear to class. Woke up very hung over and immediately had to shit.

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