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Anal fissure treatment, symptoms, medicine, diet & relief patient comments: anal fissure - effective treatments -  viewers share their medical experiences - medicinenet

Following the surgery was the most miserable 12 days of screaming pain in my life. Digital content is not available for sale or trade on discogs. All to absolutely no avail. I was going back to the surgeon every four weeks and every time i went back, he kept burning bleeders by or in my anal area where the surgery cut was. I am not able to jog, I switched to the salves and noticed pain relief.

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Angry anal 15. I have suffered with an anal fissure for about 5 months. I thought it might be a waste because i had taken laxatives for two days and had 4 massive bowel movements over the course of two days. Then most recently i used the same self-administered treatment with great success. I can reapply it anytime. I have taken the medication and having no reaction to the medicine other than nauseated and burping and no bowel movement other than pebble sized bowel movements about 10. It’s been almost a month, and i am finally beginning to feel better, and that the surgery was successful. Make sure your stools are soft and keep the area around your rectum clean.

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Incredible relief after suffering for so long. The pain is never ending. I have several anal fissures and am going to have a colonoscopy.

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