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Asian guys cant get white women


Why i dont date asian guys is problematic (especially when asian women say it)

Can i date you?? i will probably be attracted to you. I always believed in love and that love does not see color. I think i like them because the are smaller, maybe they arn’t as intimidating (sp?). In the last 5 to 10 years, mainland china has also had problems with obesity in children. Why do many asian restaurants treat their customers in terms of “us” vs. This is obviously true.


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Asian guys cant get white women. Please do share it. Work out, do skincare, get a tan if you look better with one, pay attention to haircut, shave regularly (or trim if you want to keep facial hair), etc. This is conspicuous for leaving out asian. If you lose respect for women you will have only transactions with women, not love. Although, the asian chicks i saw in san francisco were pretty damn interesting too.


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Dating white men means acceptance into american culture. Even with white girls. Message me if your interested.

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