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Asshole george bush

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Urban dictionary: georgebush

I’ll admit that the 2 years before the war part was as big an exaggeration as your death toll figures. Saddam tried to buy nukes from the russian mob and got ripped off. New national voter surveys being released this week are expected to show that gore has succeeded in wiping out bush’s yearlong advantage in the opinion polls. But usa today did not mention the incident in its main campaign stories. Governor bush may have stepped on his message of restoring dignity and honor to the white house when a microphone caught him making an undignified remark about a newspaper reporter,” said nbc’s john siegenthaler.


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Asshole george bush. There accusing john mccain of fathering an black child with a woman who was not his wife (his daughter had been adopted from an orphanage in bangladesh). And these personality differences are clearly on display during this campaign. Just trust me on this one. Look saddam wasnt a nice guy, i agree with you, but your country knew that when the propped up his regime and funded him and supplied him with the most advanced weaponry in the region. According to the international federation of journalists, by 2005, You say to use him as a refernce is like pionting to some blogger, so why is he the 2nd most quoted author in history, that kind of flys in the face of your wild accusation doesnt it? i mean your entire intellectual community has been trying to disprove the man since he started speaking out but has never caught him out on anything. Russia who propped him up and supported him.

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Oil had nothing to do with it except haliburton taking us taxpayer money to rebuild oil fields and not doing the work. Traveling 80 miles an hour.

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