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I have been both. Pure girls %2314 – redxxxcams. I did it to my girlfriend and she loved it! and i’ve done it to her a whole bunch of times since, and (beside the point) she’s been having really huge orgasms from me eating her ass while rubbing her clit. Lots of exclusive samples. As long as the anus is pristine, it can be pleasurable for the giver and deeply pleasurable to the receiver. I always wanted to try it because the thought really turned me on, but i thought my ex would think it was weird to ask. I ate ass once, and it’s literally something i did on accident.


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Black girls spread ass holes. Reviews of all sex cams, vr porn sites, teens and 60 more categories. One for the big tits lovers. But when the stars align so to speak, enjoy. Enjoy for the intimacy of doing it, and enjoy it for the pleasure it is bringing to the partner. When your hand just isn’t enough anymore. If the lady is into it, i feel fine.


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I like giving oral sex. I went ahead and asked guys what the experience of eating ass is like for them, and the responses may just convince you to spread those cheeks for something other than a brazilian waxing.

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