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Buried in the sand stories fetish

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Buried alive by closetslave

I was too emotional to reply, or to register what he implied by what he’d said. We want them soaked! this site makes your wettest dreams look tame. Maybe an hour later, when i moved around in the box, i could hear it splashing and feel it moving against me as little waves came back off the sides. I luxuriated in the cold water on my burning skin and used the brush to get rid of the dirt, grime and bodily fluids which had been ground in during the day. This happened close to an hour ago.


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Buried and fucked

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Buried in the sand stories fetish. She has been in sensory deprivation since then. By the time we had finished and were on our way back to the house, i was delirious with the heat and exhaustion, barely able to put one foot in front of the other. Marianne schmidt (right, circled) in undated family photo with her parents and siblings on wanda beach in 1965. The thought of that both frightened him & it excited him. At last we stopped at a terrace with a few chairs and a large table, covered by a corrugated iron roof and i slumped to the ground, grateful for the shade. He has not been seen alive since, nor have his remains been found. Today i fucked up is a community for the dumbass in all of us.


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A guard came up to me and tied a rope around my waist, then passed it between my legs and under the rope at the back, forming a crotch rope. As i went inside and heard someone moving around, i suddenly thought that perhaps i was to be used to entertain a guest, and a familiar feeling of excitement and fear swept through me as i wondered what ‘special services’ this guest might require. I looked down and tried to hurry past her, but as i did she stepped across me and gave me a hefty push.

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