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Colin farrell bisexual


Bisexual colin farrell again pointing out why hes single

Actresses can come out as bisexual and every other day it seems like one is, but there is no celebrity male face of bisexuality. Deep breaths, r4,, deep breaths. It’s in the thread about alexis outting him. R70 you’re right, he doesn’t “really want to be sucking dick”, he is sucking dick. It’s sad to see how many times he’s been in rehab since then. But you won’t believe it.

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Colin farrell bisexual. I wish i could “lose” my looks and still look like he does now. He may have once used the casting couch with men to get started, but he gives off a straight vibe. He’s had longterm relationships with women. [r23], you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. He gives off zero bi vibes to me, and i think he used to so beautiful and he is still very handsome, even in his polluted rotten lily hotness. Helen mirren? when was this? i remember the dame eileen atkins saga. If you knew anything about the way spacey comports himself around men you would know that you are proving my point.

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Bisexuals are funny that way, constantly bitching about bi-erasure (frequently from the closet), but the more “visible” bisexual men are the easier it is to understand why they have such a horrible reputation. I expect he’s at least been blown by a dude in one of his drunken episodes in the past but i doubt he’s bi.

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