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Corporal fetish punishment

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Corporal punishment | female domination world

Prison is for rehab f so that the offenders don’t offend again. The point of caning is not to make one happy. I respect the god given rights of the individual, but i also am not afraid to instill necessary discipline, especially towards some of the worst offenders in society. I today rise in opposition to this bill. I would remind the honourable gentleman that this bill concerns ‘corporal punishment’ and not the more severe ‘capital punishment’. And then choose from your books, or simply search.


Corporal punishment | cp spanking domestic discipline otkWhy did corporal punishment go on for so many years, before most of society realized that it was wrong? - quora

Corporal punishment scenes

Corporal punishment |Corporal punishment (67 books)What is corporal punishment fetish?


Corporal fetish punishment. A walk in the park has far-reaching consequences. A slave husband learns to mind his manners. I thus remind the proposing member of the house, who i refuse to accredit as an honourable man even by custom, that prisoners are not exempt from this convention, these rights are inalienable. Aye, i support this 100%, sexual crime is one of the most heinous crimes a human can commit on another human. The right honourable member is a fool.

B350 - corporal punishment for sexual offenses bill 2016 : mhoc

Judicial corporal punishment

Body swapping is confusing and life altering. They should suffer the consequences.

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