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Enjoy the free exclusive-to-lit anthology. As she shuddered and moaned, he lifted her hip so that her body was slightly twisted and he could. Sexy sensual stories for your reading pleasure. He lowered himself to lick the water off her back. I covered my face with my hands to stay quiet. My pussy began to ache at the memories of that day as i picked up my phone.

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Erotic stories soft. Bronze skinned little people are about to change his mind. I could see the growing desire as i moved down, swirling my tongue over the tip. She was a writhing mess in his arms and he loved it. Before the lawyer can hand over the money they have to meet certain conditions which included having sex with each other. One with a twist! Warm but not hot and the fogs of summer hadn’t begun to roll in. Her skin was naturally tan; a pale gold contrast to the dark red bed covers.


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Was in a bottom dresser drawer. Tyrone was a bit shy with women until he took a vacation at a tropical resort where the girls insist you get your rocks off.

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