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As long as the anus is pristine, it can be pleasurable for the giver and deeply pleasurable to the receiver. Usually when i eat, it’s to make it wet so that i can slide in. One may not want any attention to the anus for any number of reasons, so just respect that. But when the stars align so to speak, enjoy. Make a fist, then stick ur tongue in the middle of ur index finger. It’s magical! it’s just like eating pussy, so it’s not that bad. By using our site, you agree to these terms.

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Fat lady likes to lick ass. I also made sure hygiene was a1! i can’t have a black hole full of dirt. I always wanted to try it because the thought really turned me on, but i thought my ex would think it was weird to ask. After a shower or hot tub, and if the person being pleasured is ok with it. I like giving oral sex. And that’s a part of it.

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