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First family naturist nudist


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Very nice woman, we chatted and shared some laughs. She surprised me again by telling me that i had proposed a trip to a nudist resort when i was 12 or so, and that she and my father had not been comfortable with the idea. I would have missed it if i hadn’t actively been looking for it. When you shed your clothes and your apprehensions and just let people see you as you are, it takes a great weight off and in my case has allowed me to become a much happier and more complete person. After a few short minutes we were free to explore and enjoy the grounds.


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First family naturist nudist. The people were nice — they don’t push newbies — you can find people to talk to if you wish, and you can stay by your self if that’s your desire. There was a link to a report ian brown had done on the park and what to expect. Having corrected my wrong turn (note: green lake road is easy to miss), i found the place easily (i used directions off mapblast! to avoid thruway tolls, so i can’t evaluate juniper woods’ own — and somewhat different — directions). Avalon is co, and several people i met chose to dress either partially or completely. I had given up hope of coming across any asian nudists specially with such an honest and frank approach to nudity. But i’m still curious to know if this is common!].

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Where to start? i too, was raised in a family where men and women, boys and girls didn’t see each other nude. To summarize, my wife and i had a great time and will return soon.

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