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Free the female orgasm


Female orgasm: why o why?

) also found that highly orgasmic women’s partners were rated as more dominant and masculine by online volunteers than were the partners of minimally orgasmic women. In gallup et al. Our female forebears instead evolved a new system: releasing eggs in a regular cycle. The late stephen jay gould, who encouraged lloyd’s long-standing investigation, must be cheering from above. It’s a single road across a flat desert.

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Free the female orgasm. Lloyd knocks down all but one of the 21 existing explanations. 001, and partner stimulation of the clitoris (. ; gallup et al. For decades, researchers have put forward theories, but none are widely accepted. Both attractiveness (mitchem et al.


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Teaching good sex

That’s just a mean thing for your vagina to do. On average, high-orgasm male partners were more humorous, attractive, creative, emotionally warm, faithful and had more pleasant body odour than low-orgasm partners.

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