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Gaara having sex


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Org or any of its owners, agents, or related entities. We should really get going. And after a moment, only one word came out of his insolent mouth. A chance encounter with a snow spirit has unexpected repercussions. Tell him that i am with a patient and that i will speak to him later. Gaara raised an eyebrow and sakura nodded her head. Sakura, who was still quite wasted, giggled at the sight of naruto and pressed her naked form against gaara like a child.


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Gaara having sex. When gaara was done with his check up, he left the room while feeling good on the inside. The nurse said while sakura was wondering what was so important. Sakura’s face suddenly turned serious, though the corner of her lips were still slightly turned up. Sakura told the nurse who looked a little frightened but nodded her head anyway. He was her weakness and she sighed deeply; no woman knew addiction, obsession, insanity, until you knew him. The headwoman of the teachers guild.


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It took him about ten to fifteen minutes to get his body coordinated with the darkness, the smoke and the goddamn smell. Gaara responded, not caring who was giving him the check up. He quickly closed the door behind him then turned around and his eyes widen only a little tiny bit to see sakura was in her office with sasuke.

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