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Get into the same pantyhose

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But what if you take your brand-new, $300 stockings out of the package and snag them on what you thought was a perfectly manicured fingernail? not to worry, say the pantyhose experts: new fibers like lycra fusion make it hard for a hole to turn into a leg-long ladder, while also improving durability. I will stay but keep to my self. As you’ll have found on your internet researches, there are very much odder practices around out there. I am 43, and am doubtful i am ever going to meet another woman that accepts my desire to just feel the nylons against my legs.


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Get into the same pantyhose. I got support panty hose and she was ok with it because i told her the hose kept sliding down. They expect the guys to be like the men in their romance novels, having great bodies, dressing well, being in charge, and being sympathetic to their feelings. Opaque black tights in all but the sultriest heat. I have to get these ideas on paper before my printer breaks.


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We have ment up several times. If cowboys could mosey around for 20 years in a pair of good boots, why with all the advances in technology and space-age materials do they only last a few months?

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