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Gourmet shaved ice


The gourmet ice co

I have to admit some of the flavors were not my style, however, they have simple flavors as well. He was caught off guard by his product, which was unlike the crunchier snow cone he’d expected. We ordered two small rainbows which had icing and sprinkles on top. Vayla’s shaved ice is just what miami needed right in time for the summer heat. The shaved ice is really smooth and they have a huge variety of flavors and toppings! it’s also one of the only places that offers anisette as a flavor. My kids had the cotton candy and smores. He watches closely as snowy ice falls into an iconic flower-shaped shave ice cup, where he compresses and sculpts it by hand.


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Gourmet shaved ice. Li hing mui powder, a sweet-and-sour combination originally from china, as well as sweetened condensed milk, traditionally garnish a well-crafted shave ice. When we moved, people told us they’d heard of us but passed by after they saw that building. Make sure you click. I enjoy trying new things and coming to this hole in the wall, made me enjoy it. Not giving up on vaylas, going back for a different flavor and toppings. I tried really hard to love it and i think it had more to do with the flavor i picked vs anything else.


What a great little place. First of all i just paid $8 for ice with hershey syrup on it. I was honestly impressed with the flavor selection, as well as all the various toppings.

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