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I say eat all you can. I eat mine not from wifes pussy though mostly when i cant find other married guys to suck off. I suck my cum off my wifes tits as often as i can. Once i cum she scoots back on my face and i eats my dripping cum out of her. I married the wrong woman. I lose the urge as soon as i’m done cumming but i know if she will make me i will really enjoy it. Infact, when im sick to my stomach, i think of cum.


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Husband licks cum off wifes face

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Husband loves licking cum off wife. Well we could start by watching some gay porn together, but i when i said i wanted to see two men together, i meant one of them to be you!” she adds. If you are a woman and want to give oral sex to your man and swallow his semen, keep in mind that you do put yourself at risk and in grave danger of getting sexually transmitted diseases unless your man is in a monogamous relationship with you. Cum, cumshot, facial, creampie and other categories. Very erotic and my cock never goes soft and is ready for round 2. Also my ex wife and i were swingers and had played with a guy we knew was clean and safe and it was a turn on sliding my cock into her pussy and feeling our friends cum in her but i also had a taste and it was actually sweet.


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Yes i eat my own cum on the odd occasion. We never spoke of this until a few nights later and she asked if i would ever do that again and how hot it made her feel. Most of the cum lands on my chest and stomach and then coats my wife’s fingers and hand.

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