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Intermittant fasting sperm


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For once in my week, i don’t give a crap about e-mail or my to-do list. At a mexican joint, your tortilla chips. Also, make sure you are eating nutrient-dense foods, such as shellfish, fish roes, bone broth, grass-fed dairy if you’re in the lacto-paleo camp, organ meats and plenty of pastured animals, especially gelatinous cuts such as oxtail. British fertility experts said they were recommending that their patients cut carbohydrates before ivf treatments.


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Intermittant fasting sperm. When you think about it, this makes good evolutionary sense. In a couple more months, if you aren’t pregnant, i would suggest preliminary testing to make sure you are ovulating and he has healthy & sufficient sperm. It may also be worth avoiding the caffeine content in drinks such as tea, coffee and cola. My totally unscientific off the wall guesstimate.

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When i asked one about it, he mumbled something about electrolytes and cardiac arrhythmias before surrendering: “they don’t teach fasting in medical school. So, naturally, a lot of people are trying it.

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