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Joe paluka comic strip

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Joe palooka harvey publications 55 issues

I wish i had a copy of the picture i took to send you but alas that was back in the late ’40s or early ’50s. From my study of this one li’l man, i have been able to create an entire gallery of horrors. And snuffy wound up taking over the strip. This article was written by t. Native, is pushing a new palooka series, with two fresh strips already published online and a hard-copy version expected to be available within months. In recent years the heavyweight champions of the world have been, from an overall point of view, unsatisfactory. The original committee (for the existing monument) included samuel greenberg, fred ney, the late john cicero and myself, david decosmo (wyou tv ret.


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Joe paluka comic strip. His trainer knobby has picked up another fighter, but gangsters are pressing. It was only then that leff began signing the strip. All in all, palooka was so prosperous that fisher was able to hire assistants to do most of the work for him. I could not find them i will recheck. At about the same time joe has a minor tiff with knobby and, out of desperation, he and smokey join the legion.


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A local newspaper, the sunday independent, picked up the idea and formed a committee to raise funds for a new monument. Now boxing announcer joe antonacci has acquired the trademark rights to “joe palooka” and is resurrecting the character as a mixed martial arts fighter. Humphrey pennyworth still lives in west wokkington falls, and every once in a while he makes a trip to new york on his tricycle.

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