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Older men, younger men need you | desiring god

We want to be like you, as you are like christ (1 corinthians 11:1). Because what i have found that is so tragic is that christian singles they will hit this area of desperation, particularly young women and they will go: yeah, he is a christian, he comes to church. Stop seeking your vindication and approval, and receive what jesus purchased in full for you at the cross. And really what they are saying is they come to church a couple of times a month, but outside of attending a service there is no real seriousness about growing in their understanding of the lord, growing in an understanding of the bible, being a prayerful person. We have to pass the torch somehow, but so many of the bridges have been burnt.

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Five pieces of advice for young men | desiring godIs your boyfriend mature enough for you? | desiring god

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John piper mature man. And so i think that is what you are looking for. Be vulnerable, be honest, and share in his troubles too (1 john 1:9). You need two or three. There is a sad and wide gulf between older men and younger men today.

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Avoid: the first step to defeating lust

There is no real vivication or mortification that can be spotted and no one who really knows them enough to speak to the growth in their character. But also be prepared for potential disappointment; not every guy is looking for the same thing, and many already have their key friendships in place.

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