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Kanye west ass hole


Why is kanye west such an asshole? - quora

I think that i have the answer, and it might be not what you think. My best guess is that kanye just didn’t feel right cutting max b from the album after having gone through the trouble of getting him to make that call even though the whole thing doesn’t make sense anymore, which is honorable of him but doesn’t make it any more sensical. In a surprise turn of events, i actually have to apologize to kanye here. And dragged their mutual ex, amber rose, into the middle of things by telling khalifa, “you let a stripper trap you. We’re certainly encouraged to feel there’s a sense of importantance here. But, you know, we still need to take our time here. You must be unpredictable.

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Kanye west ass hole. The emperors have no clothes, but you might want a clothes pin to avoid smelling their shyte. Yo, this was a really rough time, homiez. Kanye’s reputation as a jerk is still safe — lines like “my ex says she gave me the best years of her life/i saw a recent picture of her, i guess she was right” won’t change that — but, like. Kim have a star on the hollywood walk of fame? yeezussss!!! hahaha, the chick should be grateful for her success and forget about being recognized on the walk of fame. &$t is all it is.


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Digital music news get the headline of the week award. I’m going to get myself a sex robot custom made to look exactly like you. It again asserts his genius at a time when wolves were at the door.

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