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Made to wear a nappy spank


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The edge of the kitchen table. You may consider buying breast milk from a milk bank and feeding david in a bottle. There she found ted on the bed and told him that she really did enjoy the control she had over him and that to ensure she got it back on him, he needed to be tied up. That is literally torture.

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Made to wear a nappy spank. After she hit my butt about ten. Anyway i enjoyed your telling the story though i can’t imagine well my sister-in law having me thank her and my wife for punishing me to received those last 3 cane strokes and the way you described her saying “again” when he begged no. You didn’t deserve any of that. His cock shriveled away, and he was afraid he was about to vomit. 25 year old with a whole host of problems. Also, after i turned 18 and left home, i found out she was “friends” (meaning she liked using him for information and nothing more) with him and he’d tell her things about me that were supposed to be confidential. Instead, they had to go potty in their diapers like toddlers.

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Wearing diapers as a parent who is a diaper lover and an adult baby

All because he rused to wear glasses? wow. Yeah, why can’t we?” asked luke.

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