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Masturbation and urges to pee

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Early treatment can prevent underlying conditions from getting worse. It sounds like your concern has more to do with worrying that you have a problem (you don’t), but i still want to make sure that you also feel comfortable during sex, instead of worrying about whether you are going to pee or not. My remedy was to always hydrate with plenty of water before, so i knew i had a steady flow of fluid after, and no issue. The uterus is a muscle and the muscle contracts during an orgasm and that makes the bladder area more sensitive too. Been to 3 different doctors, including a urologist and 2 courses of antibiotics. It is a very common issue among males. Seems to help if i take a piss immediately before hand, but that’s not foolproof either.

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Masturbation and urges to pee. Many nerves and tissues are involved in both ejaculation and urination. Those toxins out of the body, making men who ejaculate more than five times a week a third less likely to develop prostate cancer. In this case they’re known to be pretty poisonous though, so he’s right. Semen has a consistent ph, and after ejaculating, the sudden change in ph in the urethra irritates it and causes the “have to pee” sensation. Found the solution on the internet years ago, spreading the word. This damage can make ejaculation painful. Oddly enough, it only happens if i haven’t ejaculated in like ~36+ hours.


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Yes, i’ve had the same thing for about 20 years (since i was 15). It retracts into the labial folds to prevent excessive stimulation. Not a doctor, but if i had to guess; it’s probably because you the semen isn’t properly released.

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