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I have 2 very pretty, university aged daughters. Crowd burst into applause at one of the best spankings they’d seen. Lily was rude in class and sent to the principal for a detention punishment instead of cheer practice after school. Strappings after a suitable strip-down. His mom was doing far better.


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Mom pulled down bikini spank public. His icy ways are ending-starting with his daughter’s friends. I loved sue’s comment about your “bare butt” for your discussion later. He had decided that it was not really a big deal. Ut oh, i guess i’m not. You have captured it exactly. I then started to read how you ask you dad to save you, and he said no. At that moment was that he was sealing his fate.

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Anonymous dad, since you asked. Little did the two girls know that the. Dad? mom? either of you want to land a couple on her cute butt? no charge.


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