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Mum took my virginity

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She got me to wash her back then took me to her bedroom where we had sex. She misses her family. When i was finished with the phone i looked at mom, who was sitting on the couch watching the tube, and said, “i’m sorry mom. My light was off and i had my eyes almost completely closed so she would not know that i could see her. She would come home from work and watch me play with myself and then go to bed.

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Mum took my virginity. To my shock there was a woman being fucked by two men on my bed. Trying desperately not to bleed all over the enterprise, i stretched the ironed sheets over the mattress, scattered 300 rose petals on top and covered it all with the bedspread. I heard girls saying he was hot and shit. He has never met his daughter as he was a violent guy. Evidently mom thought i would be gone all night and it was a good opportunity for her to have a party with some friends.

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I figured i could go stay at jason’s house but i needed to get some things from my room. The sensitivity of my dick being engulfed and the warmth of her insides were too unbelievable.

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