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Oregon amateur bodybuilding competitions


Some people have great genetics and can do it quicker, but for most, it’s about a three year process to get to the level of top national competitor. As president of the npc, i do a lot of traveling and my wife smiles every time i tell her i’m exhausted from all the traveling. Nationals, then the nationals. Let’s say you want to promote an npc bodybuilding show.

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Oregon amateur bodybuilding competitions. For amateur bodybuilding in the usa, the npc is the big kahuna. Women like lenda murray, cory everson, laura creavalle and kim chezevsky, to name a few, all came from the npc. For athletes in all sports, the need to win and the lack of self control can wreck havoc in their lives. From this show, teams are chosen to compete internationally in the men’s and women’s ifbb world amateur championships, which of course, is also steroid tested. Unless, of course, you’re part of the other 10%, like mr. Nationals and the nationals in the same year. Manion doesn’t brag about the fact that the ifbb sees the npc has the strongest amateur physique organization in the world.

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The sport and the organization are nothing without the people who are in it, and i never want to forget that. Our first nationals champion was lee haney,” he says. Many of us wonder what the future holds for the sport, but no one ponders it more passionately than manion.

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