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Rejected my anus


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Their reaction after the first minute or so was “oh, a cartoon about being. To view a random entry. I can count on one hand how many movies i’ve re-watched immediately after seeing it the first time. What a waste of time.

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Don hertzfeldts rejected - my anus is bleeding | art | pinterest | animationUrban dictionary: author my spoon is too big!

I can smell your anus lyrics

Urban dictionary: my spoon is too bigDon hertzfeldts rejected! my anus is bleeding! | design | pinterestRejected (2000) - quotes - imdb


Rejected my anus. How did this get put on netflix? this is stupid. Many re-enactments of the “my spoon is too big” scenes can be found on youtube. People look at me like i’m retarded. I haven’t seen this in years and i still quote “my spoooooon is too big!” and “my anus is bleeding!” all the time. I was kind of drunk and i may have gotten a little contact high. Included at the end is the beginning of the chain dancing and singing around the whole house. I loved that film.


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If anyone hasn’t seen it yet, you’re definitely missing out! World of tomorrow didn’t pack as much of a punch but i love the message at the end.

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