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Spank historical fiction


Annabel joseph: erotic historical romance monday - jess michaels, usa today bestselling author

I kind of understand why it bothers you (because it’s jaime) but not why it bothers you so much. And that they get fewer strokes. Taranc was a leader of his people before he was taken captive by viking raiders, and now that he is a free man once more he has no intention of allowing a headstrong norse woman to slow down his journey home with her stubborn disobedience. And then choose from your books, or simply search.


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Spank historical fiction. I’d seen my brothers and sisters and cousins spanked. A spanking is something you get out of love for correction, for reproof, for direction, okay? In 18th century scotland according to ms. This wanting to posses her is a recurrent theme in the book. I was bothered by the strapping scene, but brushed it off, not being in an age of internet fandoms where something like that would be up for open discussion. The bible is often used to support, even perhaps to require, that parents use corporal punishment on children.


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Most of them being media sources with no actual basis in history. I think that’s a very – that’s a different definition. I am in the minority of this scene as well.

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