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Tickling anus while mastrubating


Masturbation videos - sluts toying and fingering their pussy | ass point

Yes, when i do, i have the best orgasms. Regardless of your orientation, your ‘soft spot’ aka errogenous area may seem to be the anus/prostate area. I do it every once in a while but not very often. It increases my masturbatiry sessions greatly in terms of amount and feeling. Just because gay people do it doesn’t make you gay, gay people like blowjobs, and so do i. I’ve used a toothbrush case before! orgasming with something pleasuring your anis feels amazing!

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Tickling anus while mastrubating. I found that it leads to a more intense ‘whole body’ orgasm. I don’t do it regularly and don’t find it particularly erotic, but i tried it just to say i had and it’s not that bad. I always think about it, but chicken out at the last second haha. I purchased a butt plug. I used to to masturbate with and then started to rub is on my anus. It made my masturbation more enjoyable. I finger her untill she says she tickles then she wants me to stop but she seemed to have good satisfaction with how it always turns out.


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I did this with hand cream. That friend and i have agreed to try to get together sometime, hopefully in the not too distant future, and do some experimenting on anus and prostate stumulation.

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