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Wife spank long

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The cheating wife

But i wonder why the internet is so full of m/f spanking guides and not f/m. If spanking does not reconnect you, Try being different and give your marriage a second chance. My hand started to get sore so i switched to my left hand and swatted him some more to give my right hand time before smacking him again with it. I am an older woman and would like try spanking. There is nothing wrong having some sexual desires and want to experience with your significant other. There are dozens of online meeting places.


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Wife spank long. I love to spank, but i don’t have anyone who will do it. While this can be a precarious arrangement, it can be done. A quick warm up before pulling down his boxers, then i started to spank his bare ass, after a minute or so i got onto him and sat on his back as i continued to spank him with my hand. I am disappointed that this was not an immediate reply. We have an entire collection of toys.


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I got tired of pulling two sets of garments up and down and up and down every time i spanked. However, there is nothing to stop the man first bringing the woman under control using voluptuous, spontaneous, paleolithic style spanking, then moving on to requiring her to submit to caning or whipping or whatever. It is also good for on the spot corrections.

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