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Young chubby archive


Chubby leads to violin or violin leads to chubby?

Kpfa is also heard on kpfb 89. Herb oscar anderson, charlie greer and scott muni were there at the beginning, along with farrell smith, jack carney, chuck dunaway and bill owen. Bruce frantically responds, “it’s not a promo!” cracks me up every time i hear it. Just about everything else was pretty weak in retrospect, even the ones that scored big hits, like “do you love me”. Html), what with the comfort-eating and pledge of non-violence.


The harpy

Young chubby archive. (or, dean smith fattens up sam wesson and they both have a grand old time. To say to some persons that they are good in violin. Is a herd of sea pigs kinda cute, or is it just me? no? ok, i’ll sit down now. The survey for the week of may 6, 1967. It’s full of self-harm, abusive behavior, and toxic relationships.


One surprise here is that the station was still playing janis ian’s “society’s child”, a controversial song in its day about a relationship between a white young girl and a black young man. Since wabc was a full-service radio station and we get to hear the news, we learn that the workers at the ny times were on strike, we were a month away from the mayoral election with john lindsay, abe beame and william f. And you can barely say 3 words to him.

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